Oral Surgeon Recommendations: Eating After Surgery

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Whether or not the Oral Surgeon puts you to sleep during oral surgery, various anaesthetics will be used during the procedure. After the operation, it is particularly important that you do not consume hot food or drinks while your mouth is still numb. Oral Surgeon

Remember that it is easy to bite your tongue, cheek, or lip, especially during this time. So avoid foods that are difficult to chew until your feeling returns. Hard, overly crispy foods, such as French fries and hard pretzels, and small, sharp-edged foods, such as popcorn, should also be avoided as they can damage the gums. As expected, spicy foods should also be avoided to minimize further irritation.

Ice cream is ideal after oral surgery but without milk

Eating ice cream is ideal after oral surgery. The cold treat is pleasingly cool. It promotes wound healing and has a slightly decongestant effect. Nonetheless, you are allowed to only eat types of fruit ice cream and not milk ice cream. Dairy products as a drink or food after oral surgery are to be avoided in principle. The lactic acid bacteria contained could infect the wound and stick it together. How long you should avoid milk, quark, cheese and yoghurt varies from case to case. It is best to ask your dentist.

What you can eat after oral surgery

Diet is very important for the repair process after dental surgery, especially an adequate fluid intake. Your body needs not only sufficient fluids but also vitamins, minerals and proteins to ensure rapid and stable wound healing. Foods like yoghurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese are high in protein and particularly easy to chew and swallow. Applesauce and fruit smoothies are great sources of vitamins. However, always remember not to use a straw.

Hearty and soft foods such as scrambled eggs, soft fish, finely chopped meat, mashed potatoes, oatmeal and thin soups make the feeling of satiety last longer. It is best to follow the instructions above four to seven days after your dental surgery.

Oral surgeon: Rinse after eating

Whichever recipe you prefer for food after oral surgery, it is very important to maintain good mouth hygiene after enjoying the meal. Use an antibacterial mouthwash and possibly a cotton swab to carefully remove any food residue from the wound. Your dentist will explain how to best proceed here.