5 Orlando Restaurants with Healthy Food Choices

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Woman eating healthy food


Sure, we do a touch of junk-food worship here within the states. And Orlando, being the undisputed king-destination of family vacationing has quite some burger joints and soft serve stands, but that’s hardly all that’s here. Right alongside the city’s massive uptick in creative, independent restaurants and fine-dining venues, there’s been a gradual increase in restaurants where healthful ingredients take center stage as advised by health advisers and physicians from an Orlando health clinic. Orlando now has one hundred pc vegan venues and vegetarian favorites (even meat-eaters dine there!). It’s restaurants that meld meat- and plant-based dishes, but with good, nutritive eating in mind. Veg-heads on the fly (along with people who enjoy a pleasant turkey wrap) can grab and go at the Green Day Café and people searching for a fun, casual all-vegan experience might want to relinquish Market on South a try. Serving an inspired array of small plates – some more decadent than others – among other dishes, allows mixed-interest diners to enjoy their preference or sample either. A daily time of day makes many of them available at a more palatable price point and therefore the spacious modern venue works for a date night or a tiffin.


There aren’t many restaurants anywhere that will claim a one hundred pc vegan menu, plus in Orlando, but Ethos has been carrying the plant-based diet torch here in town since 2007. After several years building a loyal following, Ethos moved to an expansive, modern space in Winter Park and hasn’t looked back. Stop sure lunch, dinner, or their popular brunch and poll those waiting (there’s often an aid Sunday mornings…!) and you will find quite some regulars, though health-conscious, aren’t even vegans. That speaks to something, of course. Most obviously the actual fact that tasty food – yes, even at brunch – needn’t be fraught with bacon.


Clean eaters, you have got another outpost to call aim Orlando. Create Your Nature could be a breakfast-and-lunch venue, loaded down with such a big amount of of the fruit-and-veggie-kingdom’s rainbow of colors, with careful curation of your salad, acai, or oat bowl, we’re sure you’ll get in an exceedingly couple days’ worth of recommended daily allowances. The list of nutritive ingredients goes on forever: Blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple, almonds, avocado, and chia seeds. “Kids” faves have a bit of junk within the trunk to urge them to get in the shape of chocolate chips, but we vote you skip these and teach them the glories of granola and jam over thick, cream Greek yogurt instead.


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The Sanctum really does feel a bit sacred within the way they are doing things; its beautiful plant-based plates are colorful and fresh and alluring. And while there are a lot of options for the vegan members of the populace, this place isn’t that strict – you’ll also find eggs and cheese on the menu in places. Populating a menu that holistic practitioners would likely tout are grain bowls and salads, sammies, and pasta. Delicious juices and smoothies tempt those trying to find goodness by the glass. Breakfast/brunch is phenomenal, whether you prefer your avocado toast animal-free or want to top it off with a pair of organic eggs.


The dandelion, an edible flower that we’re quick to call a weed, could be a mascot of sorts for this quirky organic teahouse. You’ll first be reminded of the café’s namesake once you view the outside (bright green with yellow shutters) so again when reading the menu: vegetarian, sustainable, and healthful. Many vegan options, as well. And raw. In fact, make Dandelion something of a “live food” haven are generous salads piled high with fresh, snappy, many-colored ingredients. “$6 Giddyup Monday” may be a great intro for newbies, who can sample one of the foremost popular menu items (in salad or wrap form) for just five bucks. Be warned, its pleasantly crunchy confines could have you ever inquiring about the subsequent phase of the moon drum circle.


In everything from tacos to sloppy joes to the delicious T.L.T, from their phenomenal use of the versatile jackfruit. Sandwich (where tempeh bacon subs sure the standard variety) to a creamy baked mac n’ “cheese” that may satisfy your comfort-food cravings, there’s absolutely no denying that the all-vegan, decidedly healthy is all-the-time fare at Market on South. That said, they are doing an excellent job of proving that vegans know the way to induce their fatty on via the delicious sweets served up via local vegan bakers, Valhalla. The doughnuts are as massive as your head. Soothe your guilt over the calories with the cruelty-free nature of their making.