Fast Food Choices and Their Link to Visceral Obesity

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Obesity is a health problem faced by many countries, especially in the U.S. as the latest statistics show that the number of obese people increased by 35%. Despite the introduction of numerous weight loss supplements and weight-reduction programs, obesity still prevails as a common health problem. Several studies conducted to determine the cause of visceral obesity had established a direct link between excessive weight gain and the proliferation of fast food chains.

The Advent of Fast Food Chains Provided Solutions to Hectic Lifestyles

Over the past four decades, lifestyles have become hectic, affecting eating behaviors that transitioned to either eating out or ordering food from fast food chains. The number has risen at an alarming level since it’s a known fact that fast food choices are served in large portions, while containing calories in excessive amounts.

While lifestyle changes were borne out of necessity, as most members of households eat out during the day, whilst having less or no time and energy to prepare home cooked meals at night. In such cases, obesity can start from childhood as the children will have developed an appetite for consuming mouth-watering food they often see in advertisements.

However, fast food meal choices are high in everything, from calorie content, to saturated fat, transfat, sugar, salt and simple carbohydrates. Visceral obesity by itself is already a disorder, as the amount of body fat enveloping the different internal organs would lead to hormonal imbalances. Such imbalances will in turn destabilize or disrupt the normal functioning of the different body systems.

Obesity as we all know, will likely lead to other health issues such as hypertension, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, fatty liver, gall bladder malfunction, arthritis and cancer.

Besides, once a person reaches the obesity stage, it becomes more difficult to lose weight even if one takes diet pills or fat burning supplements. Prolonged periods of cutting down on food intakes, only increases one’s craving for the rich-tasting food choices offered by restaurants and fast food chains.

The FDA Implements Menu Labeling Requirement on All Retailers of Ready-to-Eat Food

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged the dilemma faced by weight watchers, particularly those struggling to deal with their obesity problem.

In 2018, the FDA implemented a menu labeling requirement on all food retail outlets such as restaurants, fast food chains, diners, canteens and even ambulant food vendors. The so called menu labeling mandate, requires all retailers of prepared food to provide customers with information about the calorie and nutrition content of all food items listed in their menu. That way, customers can make informed decisions on how much calories will be added when choosing a particular menu selection.

Regarded as both a deterrent and as aid to a person’s weight-watching regimen, the rule requires the prominent display of all calorie and nutritional information inside an establishment.

However, even the COVID-19 pandemic failed to arrest the rise in the number of obese people. Although restaurants and fast food chains had shut down, online food deliveries kept the retail food business afloat. The only difference though is that some enterprising individuals broadened the available choices by offering their own brand of home-cooked meals.

A New Fat-Burner Supplement Offers a Different Solution

The latest news in the weight loss supplement market is that a new fat burner pill called Exipure has been drawing positive attention. The new fat burner focuses on the white fat that causes visceral obesity, by converting stored fats into brown fat. Brown fat as opposed to whie fat burns easily as the brown adipose tissues use them to provide the body with thermal energy through a process called thermogenesis.

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