How Restaurants should adapt during Pandemic?

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Dietary supplement manufacturer that is encouraging you to and restaurateur and any other business that has direct impact on our health has a moral obligation to inform consumers of what is behind their product or process. Especially in these times of pandemic, it is people’s right to know whether what they are taking or where they are eating is safe.

Particularly among restaurants, it is vital that they take health and safety guidelines seriously. This can be easily demonstrated by implementing FOH practices.

Is the Restaurant You’re Eating or Getting Take-Outs are Safe?

With the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols in place, there are numerous restaurants that were obligated to adapt to new health protocols. If you too are running a restaurant or planning to put up one, then you should better know the following:

Keep Sanitizers Accessible to Maintain Clean Hands

It’s almost become a standard nowadays to have a bottle of sanitizer or alcohol at the entrance of any establishment. This is basically the simplest and most effective demonstration of care that any restaurant can provide among their diners. This creates an impression that you care about your restaurant’s cleanliness and customer’s health is important.

Inform Your Diners

You ought to be vocal with regards to the steps you are taking in keeping your premises free from Covid-19 virus. Consider placing signs and posters at highly visible areas of your restaurant where diners can easily see everything.

Provide Safety Gears to Your Staffs

All the BOH and FOH staffs must be wearing masks all throughout the day. The mask should serve its purpose of stopping any of your staffs who might be unknowingly carrying the virus or perhaps, keep them safe from customers who have one.

This serves additional layer of protection to your restaurant on top of the regular disinfection you are doing on it.

Make a Move to Disposable Utensils

Are the utensils in your restaurant left in communal area for the diners to pick up? If so, then it will be very smart to put them in a bag or cover it instead. This way, any stray particles will not land on the utensils.

Cook Foods are Optimal Temperature

Throughout this period, it is a lot important to properly and safely cook foods. Any food items that’s been prepared must be cooked ASAP to prevent any microorganisms to breed or particles to land on it. The fact that you are in the food industry makes you very aware of this instance.

Be sure to cook food at the required minimum temperature and in the event that this means you have to remove a certain item from your restaurant’s menu, do so. Never compromise health and safety.