Metabolic Meals: Integrated Fitness-Prescribed vs. Pre-Made Restaurant-Prepared Choices

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As a woman with a natural desire to look and feel good, you’ve tried different weight-loss pills and diet plans but always end up disappointed with the poor results. When trying to lose or to control your weight, understand that it’s not just a matter of suppressing your appetite or changing your food intakes. It’s also about improving your metabolism in order to elicit the right hormonal responses specifically from your body and not just any body.

Diet pills and meal plans work toward controlling or altering a person’s metabolism, but not everyone achieves the desired results. Mainly because people, particularly women, have different concerns that yield dissimilar stresses; often times, affecting hormonal responses in varying ways.

So don’t give up just yet since it’s obvious that you haven’t tried the one solution that addresses weight loss problems based on your own metabolism and hormonal responses.

It’s a solution called Metabolic Renewal, developed by Dr. Jade Teta, co-author of the book “The Metabolic Effect Diet.” As a physician specializing on natural health and fitness, Dr. Teta prescribes customized metabolic meals and workouts as a 12-week integrated fitness program.

However, metabolic meal plans have in fact gained popularity that there are now restaurants offering them as meals-for-delivery service.

Pre-Made Restaurant-Prepared Choices

Although based on the same principles of targeting metabolic improvements, they are pre-made meals prepared by chefs to help customers lose weight or increase protein intakes, as they see fit.

The one advantage that metabolic-meals-for delivery offers is flexibility, which denotes customers do not have to follow a rigid plan on what, when and how many metabolic meals to take for the day or week. What this type of metabolic meal plan promises is simply to reduce the stress of having to plan and prepare the metabolic meals as part of one’s weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

In contrast, that kind of flexibility is not an option for the Metabolic Renewal program, as it is a compleat package of food and physical activities that work on the 4 M’s of a proper fitness regime and hormone-centric weight loss plan, namely: Meals. Movement, Mindset and Metabolism.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Metabolic Renewal Program

To help you decide when choosing between pre-made metabolic-meals-for-delivery and Dr. Teta’s Metabolic Renewal program, consider the following metabolic renewal pros and cons:

This program is unique because its development is based on research that delves entirely on the stresses and hormonal imbalances occurring in women. “Meals” are customized to improve and boost “Metabolism” that influence a specific type of hormonal imbalance.

To help women manage the difficulty of going through changes that can affect their personal lifestyle, the program also focuses on helping participants develop a “Mindset” that can strengthen their conviction in combatting all stressful situations related to weight loss plans.

Here, the “Movements” prescribed aim to achieve 200% increased calorie consumption not only by way of planned exercises, but also through daily activities such as: walking to work and walking around to stand instead of sitting all day long on an office chair; or using the stairs instead of the elevator, or even cooking activities.

The program was developed by a physician based on research and his 25-years of hands-on experience in prescribing the metabolic meals and work outs for the fitness, health and body transformation of women.

The Metabolic Renewable program is customizable not only on the basis of the hormonal problems that prevent a participant from achieving her weight goals. Customization of metabolic meals also takes into consideration taste preferences, geographical location and personal convenience of every participant.

It comes with a refund offer via a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. In addition, this program provides Customer Support to program members.

The only kind of disadvantage we see is that unlike pre-made metabolic meals, it is not advisable for pregnant women; but can be taken after giving birth.