Important Steps Critical to the Efficiency of Medicines in the Body

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Taking medications can be affected by food, water, stresses, activity and other factors that can prevent medications from working efficiently and rapidly. More often than not, patients who have been prescribed stronger medications insist on consuming food and beverages, as well as continuing with their unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive alcohol and/or lethargic lifestyles.

In order to obtain the healing effects of medicinal prescriptions, make it a point to follow three important steps when taking medications:

Avoid Taking Drugs or Supplements Without Proper Medical Consultations

Never ever self-medicate or start with new medications without consulting your doctor. While over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements are regarded as safe to take without medical prescriptions, you may have underlying conditions that pose the real cause of the chronic pains you have been experiencing.

However, due to the high costs of healthcare ,it cannot be helped that most people avoid going to medical clinics, even if they need to have prescriptions for their meds. As a result, they order their medicines from online drugstores, where buying without prescription is possible but only for minimal dosages.

Avoid Taking Medicines on an Empty Stomach

Taking medication without food can cause irritation in the linings of the intestine. Part of the digestive process is the release of gastric juices to help break down the food. This denotes that if a medicine is taken on an empty stomach, the gastric secretions will act on the drug or supplement. In such cases, the pH balance of the intestine could change to ultimately cause irritation on gut lining .

It also affects the way the medication will be broken down, to be distributed as nutrients in the body. The improper breakdown could also produce free radicals that cannot be processed through metabolism. They could simply attach to cells and tissues that will later form into cancerous growths or tumors. Although over-the-counter analgesics are marketed as safe to take even on an empty stomach, there is no guarantee that proper absorption in the body will take place, even if you get the desired pain relieving effect.

The same is true for the medically prescribed analgesic carisoprodol, also known as Soma, which is actually a Type IV controlled substance. While online drugstores pose as the convenient go-to place to best buy soma, it would be safer to not take them on an empty stomach.

Avoid drinking excessive water or fail to drink enough water

Both conditions can affect the medications’ healing reactions. Given that water is necessary when taking medicines, too much water intake will only flush out the ingredients and not give them time to sit and take effect. On the other hand, not drinking enough water will cause the medication to sit undissolved for a longer period, to not allow proper breakdown.

While medications are not food substances, the body’s digestive system will still consider them as food when they reach the stomach. Since processes similar to food digestion will take place, medicines have specific benefits that must be absorbed by the cells and tissues in the affected areas.