Are Restaurants on Steroids for Real or Is It Just a Catch-Phrase?

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In our search for restaurants, we found food establishments branding themselves as “restaurant on steroids” or “cafe on steroids,” which piqued our curiosity.

Steroid is a controversial term that it’s not common for a food outlet to associate itself with a type of drug that has been abused. Not unless, the target customers are fitness buffs and bodybuilders who know that natural steroids can be obtained through food consumption. As it turned out, cafes or restaurants on steroids serve mostly meals rich in natural steroids that come in large serving sizes.

Some consumers believe in getting their steroid nutrition organically as they are likely aware of the serious side effects of synthetic drugs like anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

Some pharmaceutical companies came out with dietary supplements that they call legal steroids because they contain large concentrations of natural steroids. Yet it seems there are fitness buffs who prefer to eat proper meals so they can receive steroids naturally too.

Are Legal Steroids Legal?

Some confuse natural steroids with legal steroids, yet the latter is not as legal as it seems. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came out with a decision that it does not approve of such classification.

The FDA asserts that they have come across bodybuilding dietary supplements that still contain hidden ingredients and other harmful compounds, which the food and drug regulator does not consider as safe dietary ingredients.

The FDA recognizes creatine as the only organic compound that is safe to use in a dietary bodybuilding supplement and to qualify as a legal steroid.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is an organic compound occurring naturally in both human and animal muscles and plays an important role in the body’s muscle building processes. To supplement bodybuilders with extra amounts of creatine demanded by the muscle cells, a bodybuilder’s diet must include large portions of meat, fish and animal by-products like eggs and dairy.

This is probably the nutrition concept on which restaurants on steroids are founded.

Are Pharma Grade Steroids Legal?

If one is to look further, there are legal steroids of another kind which are called pharma grade (PG) steroids, or the steroids Canada. These products are manufactured for licensed Canadian and international pharmaceutical companies.

However, since they are pharmaceutical-grade steroids, these supplements are expensive and can only be bought directly from pharmaceutical companies and their authorized distributors. That being the case, pharma-grade steroids are not readily accessible and in most cases, hard to find.

What Exactly are Natural Steroids?

Natural steroids are chemical compounds that humans, animals, and plants naturally produce. Natural steroid compounds initiate the production of hormones needed by the body to carry out different functions. We are familiar with several hormones, like estrogen, testosterone, insulin, melatonin, and cortisol. Their familiarity with us stems from our knowledge of certain health disorders.

Such disorders are caused by insufficient hormone supply. The cells and tissues need an ample supply of hormones to complete a natural body process. This denotes that health disorders can be avoided through proper nutrition, as it will help the body replenish and sustain the supply of steroids to keep the bodily organs functioning properly.

Chemically produced steroids such as the anabolic type are formulated as a treatment to help increase male testosterone levels. The anabolic androgenic type of steroid drugs, on the other hand, are medically prescribed to young male patients who suffer from a genetic disorder that prevents them from achieving growth and muscle development.