Be Educated in Wine Ordering

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Unless you have spent countless hours studying, tasting and work to be a Master Sommelier, then it could be quite difficult to find out how you can order the perfect wine for an occasion at any restaurant. Ordering wine at dinner is typically the first sign of confidence, knowledge and even a sense of culture.

Ordering a Wine shouldn’t be Embarrassing

What makes it more difficult is feeling as if you are expected to just know what you are ordering. This is true particularly if you are on a date. Now, it can add to the pressure of knowing that you should not just make the right choice but also, prepare good money as wines don’t come cheap.

Luckily, there is somehow a standard procedure on how you can pick wines at a restaurant. You don’t need to make wild guesses or whatever. Just follow the tips discussed below and you should do good.

Do Research

Get rid of any pressure of being caught off guard. Do this by researching as much as you could ahead of time. See to it that your reservation is during low-time. This way, the hostess or host has the time to answer your questions regarding the wine list. At the same time, if you buy steroids Canada and use them regularly, you can take this opportunity if the wines you are planning to order might have an effect on it.

What would you do if the restaurant you’ve planned to dine to do not have liquor license? There are times in which you could get the wine list of a restaurant straight from their website. If you are making selection in advance, then checking out their online wine menu is a must. 

Perform Process of Elimination from the Wine List

Your primary objective here is establishing the price range and narrowing your best options. Keep this in mind, a great wine list is something that includes the following:

  • Price
  • Producer
  • Grape variety and/or region and;
  • Vintage for every wine

You can always get back to this list if you are having a tough time pronouncing the wine names. For the wines that are labeled as NV, it means Non-Vintage. In other words, they’re blended with different wines and as a result, could never have the vintage taste. Wine snobs will always turn up their noses onto the NV wines but do not rule it out. Wine producers are making non-vintage wines for sake of consistency.