Addicting Moments With Chocolate

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The working day was stressful – chocolate helps. Lovesickness hurts – chocolate helps. Sweets are the number one soul comforter. When the desire for sweets gets out of hand, the question arises: is the desire for sweets perhaps an addiction? No, say experts from Addiction Treatment Phoenix AZ. It’s a bad habit. And you can get a grip on it with a few tricks.

Almost everyone likes sweets. We are even born with this preference: Babies already like sweets in the womb but reject a bitter or sour taste. After birth, the first food for many babies is breast milk. And it tastes sweet too. The innate aversion to bitter and sour food is a protective function of the body. Because these flavors signal danger to the brain. By contrast, we perceive sweets as harmless.

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Can chocolate be addicting?

So we naturally like sweets. And in the further course of our lives, we get used to reaching for chocolate & Co. in certain situations. Anyone who learns from an early age that chocolate can be a consolation or even a reward will also use it again and again in adulthood. Sweet things make you happy, we quickly taught our brains that. And so in certain situations, it always calls for the sugar kick. In return, it releases feel-good hormones. So our chocolate craving is a bad habit. And what you have got used to, you can successfully get used to it again.

Become a candy manager

There are tricks to get the candy cravings under control. The most effective: get rid of your supply. It sounds simple, it is simple and yet it has a noticeable effect. Because sweets that are not in the house are not tempting to grab. Those who instead only buy sweets now and then and in small quantities can successfully avoid chocolate orgies. If you can’t immediately say goodbye to your supply of goodies, you are at least making it difficult to access them. Banish chocolate, cookies, and candy in the top kitchen cupboard or even in the basement. When the little cravings come, you will think twice about whether you really want to and have to take the journey. This works even better if you have healthy snacks such as almonds as an alternative for the evening watching TV. Have dried fruit within easy reach.

Dangerous: cake in the office

What works at home is often not that easy to implement in the office. The colleague brings cake for the birthday, stress or boredom fuel the desire for sweets – discipline is required here. The best trick in everyday work is called distraction. Try to do something else first, or go outside for a while in the fresh air. Cravings usually go just as quickly as they came. Gradually, you can then practice discipline. Because nobody really needs a whole bar of chocolate. Learn to be satisfied with one piece and enjoy it all the more. Great side effect: the guilty conscience, as we know it from an uncontrolled calorie orgy, stays away. The body will quickly get used to not coupling its moments of happiness to sweets and will also release feel-good hormones in other situations.