A Glimpse of the Farm-to-Table Dining Popularized by Naxos Island in Greece

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Italian perfume maker Xerjoff’s line of fragrances called Naxos, brings to mind the wonderful sights, scents and tastes of the famous Greek Island with the same name. Naxos, the island and not the perfum is actually the perfect topic for a restaurant-themed website, because here in this Mediterranean haven, restaurants literally outdo each other in providing only the best in farm-to-table dining experiences.

Many tourists regard Naxos island as a Mediterranean haven because it’s packed with historical destinations that combine with long white sandy beaches excellent for wind surfing. The mountains with springs and streams offer enticing places for great outdoor relaxations. Imagine soaking yourself in aromatic outdoor baths privately screened by reeds and placed next to citron trees.

About The Great Farm-to-Table Cuisine in Naxos Restaurants

The exciting food scene in the Greek island has always been expanding, more so now that many people are now investing in healthy eating and active lifestyles. Naxos after all is home to many agricultural sites that specifically provide local restaurants, their supply of the fruits in season, vegetables, herbs, meat, poultry, dairy and cheese.

Young and dynamic restaurant chefs do daily rounds of sourcing their ingredients from specific farms. They take pride that their Mediterranean dishes are hundred percent organic. Some other restaurant owners run their own farms to ensure that their chefs will always have ample supply of the freshest organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. More often than not, these farms are also into raising a small fold of chickens, goats and lambs using only natural and biological methods.

Even at the bar, farm-to-table local materials are in use by highly imaginative Greek mixologists to create signature cocktails. They believe it’s the best way to introduce the well-loved tastes and flavours in the island. Bear in mind though that some produce are seasonal, which means not all dishes are available year round. Moreover, while it would be easy to get a table during lunch time, the situation is not the same in the evening, which necessitates giving advance notice via reservations.

The good news is that Naxos and the Lesser Islands in Greece are COVID-free destinations. However, the government of Greece has yet to lift some travel restrictions for non-EU travelers, except for those coming from countries included in the exemption list. To get to Naxos, one has to ride a ferry or take a domestic flight to the island from Athens.

About the Xerjoff Naxos Perfumes

The Xerjoff Naxos line was first presented in a perfume exhibition in Milan in 2015. The Naxos here actually refers to an ancient Greek city in Sicily as the collection of three brands of 1861 naxos perfumes,namely XJ 1861 Renaissance, XJ 1861 Zefiro and XJ 1861 were launched in commemoration of the 150th unification anniversary of Italy, Naxos Sicily and Rome.