Why Working in a Restaurant can Be Stressful

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While experiencing stress is normal and unavoidable as part of life, there are certain types of occupations where you’ll often encounter stressful situations. If you’re about to embark on a restaurant business, or even consider taking on a job as a staff or crew member of a restaurant, know beforehand that work in this industry can be stress-filled.

While the hours are often long if there are a lot of customers coming in, hours when no one is coming in to dine, doesn’t mean you can sit around and stay idle. As an employee, you still have to stay on your toes and perform other administrative or housekeeping duties. If you’re the owner or manager of the restaurant, having no or few customers is even more stressful.

Whether you’re working in the kitchen, or in the dining area, you will feel pressure, since meals have to be prepared and served quickly, especially during peak hours. While you find your job of serving satisfied customers a rewarding experience, you also have to anticipate that some customers tend to nit pick.

Dealing with those types of customers, especially when others are waiting to be served can be stressful. If you don’t handle the situation properly, you could lose not only your tip but your job is well. If you’re the manager or the restaurant owner, you’ll be under a lot of pressure to appease customers no matter how unreasonable their complaint. Yet at the same time, you also have to make sure you’re protecting the reputation of your restaurant business and the welfare of your employees.

Actually, it’s my belief that almost all kinds of businesses, and not just the restaurant industry, are under a lot of pressure lately. Mainly because of the need to recover from the economic fallout caused by the pandemic. Moreover, a lot of people have become so hung up on something or someone nowadays, they could cause tensions in a place of work or business. Since many cannot afford to lose their job or their clientele, employees and business owners alike have to put up with various kinds of stress-causing behaviors.

The Importance of Knowing How to Manage Stress and its Ill Effects

Knowing how to manage stress is important, especially if it’s unavoidable. Keep in mind that chronic stress can take a toll on one’s health and physical appearance. While some of us may think we are able to manage stress by being able to hold back negative reactions to stressful situations, stress in the workplace can be manifested by physical changes in our appearance, especially on our face. Rashes, acne, dry skin, premature grey hairs and wrinkles are some of the signs that our body is suffering from stress.

While it is important to consult your physician in order to overcome the effects of stress on your health and well-being, it also helps to correct or find treatment for the effects that have changed your skin, your hair or your body.

Eating fruits and vegetables can help because these are food rich in phytonutrients that help strengthen resistance against the ill effects of stress. Using anti-ageing creams to rejuvenate and hydrate skin to erase the dry, crepey appearance of premature wrinkles on your skin, can help speed up the treatment process.

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