How Jollof Rice Recipe Reached Other Countries

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Creole food, New Orleans meals, American soul foods, were cooking styles introduced to the continent of America from West African women.

The commemoration of the abolition of slavery in Britain introduced the African American community with a chance to put some records straight. A document relates to sandwiches. The source of specific world cuisine belongs to the continent of Africa.

Artistic Cooking

Cooking was the sole artistic form of expression available to those girls. These girls cooked meals which has been always, palatable and wholesome when partnered with steak. When emancipation came, a number of these farm hamburgers put up cafes and restaurants at the deep south west and gave America what’s currently called Creole meals, New Orleans food and African American American Idol food.

It’s today commonly referred to as the Jambalaya by Americans. Jollof rice is a African American dish that’s in reality becoming popular here in Britain too. A good deal of Embassies in London order copious quantity of the hot rice dish to get their end of year office celebration. Most no more contain cold cakes and sausage rolls in their own menu. Many go for some genuinely interesting dishes out of West Africa.

Jollof Rice Recipe

Jollof rice is the progenitor of this Jambalaya. It seems in the culinary cultures of many countries. It’s called Paella at Spain, Pillaf at India, Risotto at Italy, Ploff at Russia and Jambalaya among African Americans.

Jollof rice is appreciated through out the duration and breadth of West Africa and Nigeria particularly. Black girls taken in the African continent took the dish to the African Diaspora and found it.

  • Pour olive oil, onion, rice, prawns and desiccated coconutinto a large cooking pot. Crumble oxo cubes into materials of bud.
  • Add salt and start to stir fry of bud in a low to moderate heat for 5 minutes until rice and onions start to brown.
  • Turn down heat to very low and add hot water without stirring.
  • Spoon at a jar of this Naija Alafia tomato sauce. (don’t stir!)
  • Pour frozen mixed veggies on the rice (without stirring. Stirring at this point will lead to rice to start to burn in the bottom without ingestion through).
  • Cover pot tightly with a lid or kitchen foil and let it steam or simmer for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Check after at least 10 minutes to determine if rice is cooked and simmer.