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A health insurance can protect you as well as your family from unforeseen, huge cost of medical and health care expenditures. You pay a smaller amount for in-network health care covered by your insurance plan, before you even meet your deductible. You receive free preemptive care, such as screenings, vaccines, and some check-ups, also before meeting your deductible.

Today, with the pandemic, many have come to realize the significance of having a good health insurance coverage not only for themselves but for their loved ones as well, particularly for those who are over 60 years of age and are categorized under the age bracket of Senior Citizens.

Health coverage for Seniors provide facilities to cater to the needs of individuals above 60 years old, retired and have no steady income source. As they age, their immune system weakens making them more vulnerable to sickness and health disorders calling for the need to be secured financially. This would help pay for health care in the event they need it. In that regard, health insurance is crucial.

Know What Medicare Advantage Plans Cover

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Medicare Advantage – Does It Cover Home-delivered Meals?

Medicare Advantage is an alternative to the Original Medicare provided by the federal government of the United States. Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance providers that are in contract with the U.S. federal government to offer health insurance benefits to individuals who qualify for Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage, also referred to as Part C or Medicare Part C, are obligated to provide similar benefits as with Medicare Part A (hospitalization coverage) and Medicare B (doctor’s visit coverage). Usually, Medicare Advantage plans also take in Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) and may also include other benefits that Medicare do not cover, covering some savings on regular eye exams and prescription glasses, dental care, and hearing aids.

As an added benefit not covered by the Original Medicare, some Medicare Advantage plans may also cover meal delivery. Though meals for inpatient stay at a skilled nursing facility or at a hospital are covered by the Original Medicare, it doesn’t include home-delivered meals. But, some Medicare Advantage may include such as well as other services related to food.

One kind of home-delivered meal coverage that may be included in a Medicare Advantage is for beneficiaries discharged from a skilled nursing facility stay or an inpatient hospital stay. Such coverage may include a pre-determined quantity of home-delivered meals while the beneficiary is recovering from their earlier hospital stay. Meals may be delivered frozen or hot as this will depend on the coverage as well as the available services.