5 Tips for Eating Out and Losing Weight

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People eating at a restaurant


You go out for dinner at a restaurant in Uden or the surroundings, but you also want to lose weight. Many of our customers come with this question and experience stress. That is not necessary at all, eating out and losing weight go well together. Aside from taking Pretetox to help you lose weight (check out Protetox pills price here), here are 5 tips to help you maintain a healthy weight while dining out.

1. Make a plan in advance

Do you take an appetizer? Dessert or no dessert? Alcohol or no alcohol? Think in advance about what you are going to choose and not when you walk into the restaurant. The nice smell of food, the coziness of table companions, and the atmosphere can ensure that you will make completely different choices on the spot than what you would have thought wise in hindsight.

2. Check the menu online

To make informed decisions, it helps to view the menu at home. Nowadays, many restaurants have menu on the internet.

3. 0%-50%-100% rule

You have several dinners planned in a year. Ask yourself: how important is this dinner party to me? Together with our customers, we apply the 0%, 50%, or 100% rule in relation to your goal of losing weight. What percentage will you take your goal into account during this dinner? You don’t always have to leave everything for your goal because you simply can’t keep this up.

4. Moderate the amount of (alcoholic) drink

Make sure you focus on the food instead of the drink, this will prevent an excessive calorie intake. A glass of wine that goes with a dish is fine, just pay attention to the amount.

5. Ask for adjustments to your dish

That is always possible and is being done more and more often. A healthy lifestyle is becoming more important for people every year, so restaurants are used to it. Think of sauces separately, asking how many grams the meat is and whether extra vegetables can be served instead of the fries.


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A sustainable solution is in your lifestyle

Above are a few tips that are practical when eating out. But the focus is not on the detail, you probably don’t go out to dinner every day. One dinner is not a problem for losing weight.

Adjust your lifestyle to achieve and maintain your goal

What do you really want? Get enough sleep, and eat normal portions during your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. SNACK LESS and have plenty of exercises.

Change your mindset

Is the glass half full or half empty? Is eating out a burden or a challenge? It’s just how you look at it. Positive and solution-oriented thinking and doing ensure better choices.

Start exercising and get fitter

Many of our customers experience that when you exercise and become fitter, you can make much better choices while eating out. Feeling fit ensures that you are much stronger mentally.