Enhancer & Nutrition Tips To Boost Sperm Count

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In order to be the first to reach the ovum, a sperm must perform at its best. If you eat the right things and use super kamagra, you can do something for fertility even if there are no hard facts from studies.

Sex enhancers and food tips that can increase your fertility

With the right foods, you can indirectly improve your sperm quality. Quality is a good keyword because everything you eat should be as high as possible.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be the basis of your diet one way or the other. But especially if you are worried about your fertility or your desire to have children remains unfulfilled, you should pay more attention than ever to provide your body with the right nutrients. Even if there are no studies that can prove the effect of specific nutrients, a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is definitely important.

Provide your sperm with good fats

Nuts and high-quality oils, such as flaxseed or walnut oil, provide essential omega-3 fatty acids, which may be associated with better sperm quality. That’s the top 10 omega-3 sources. The fatty acids are involved in an incredible number of functions in the organism and are needed, among other things, for the formation of hormones, which ultimately has an effect on fertility.


Reduce your alcohol consumption

Alcohol should only be enjoyed in moderation. Excessive and regular alcohol consumption in particular can have a negative impact on fertility. If the woman wishes to have children, it is recommended to avoid alcohol. However, a Chinese study showed that a father’s alcohol consumption also affects the risk of birth defects even in small amounts.

Eat little, but high-quality meat

Quality before quantity. The problem with cheap meat, especially chicken, may be added female hormones. These hormones, which are found there in small traces, can have a rather negative effect on the male organism and fertility. To get around this, there is an easy solution. Rely on organic quality meat.

Watch your weight

Being overweight has a negative effect on fertility. So you should rather leave everything that promotes this. High-calorie foods in particular, such as numerous ready-made products, sweets, chips, and fast food should therefore be put on the red list as soon as possible. This also applies to sweetened drinks and soft drinks.

In addition to being overweight, high blood pressure, blood sugar, or the regular use of medication are risk factors that can have a negative impact on fertility. With a healthy diet, however, you can usually get this under control.